i have not been this excited to see maryland in a long time

I feel like if you’re flexible enough to change your pants in the back back, you’re flexible enough to stick your foot out the window while you drive

Duke of Orange

it’s weird to think of a life where we are not perpetually driving

duke of orange

Anonymous asked
Lt. Kiwi's Dad asks: What's the first thing you are going to do when you get home (I mean AFTER you clean the car)?

Interview stuff and laying on the driveway and peeing. Probably not in that order.
-Lone Tomato, this didn’t seem like an interview question, we have the others though and there are quite a few. This interview thing will be fun :)

Anonymous asked
The good news is that the rain shouldn't last too long. You may have clouds the rest of the way, tho'. --- from your friendly weather-aunt

that looks to be pretty accurate, thank you!!!

-lord mango